Take advantage of investing in REIT

About us

We are a private real estate trust, licensed, highly regulated, and audited by the leading audit and accounting firms in the United States of America.

Serbian Build Fund LLC was created to enable everyone to invest in the fast-growing real estate market.
With us and our expertise, you will be able to profit from the real estate market even without buying the property.

Make passive income from real estate.
Target dividend for 2022 – 10%.
Long-term investment in the real estate market.

Real estate for ALL investors.
Open to investors from Serbia and all over the world.
Individual investors, funds, and companies.

Low commissions.
Annual management fee 2%.

Investing in ESG projects.
Innovative projects of green and self-sustainable buildings.

REIT - a synonym for reliable investment

Investing in real estate in the form of REITs can be a reliable source of dividends and protection of your capital.
Historically, commercial real estate investments have only been available to extremely high-net-worth individuals and large institutional investors.
With Serbian Build Fund LLC, everyone can now see and enjoy those same benefits of investing in institutional quality real estate.




Investment fund yield

For bank savings, the highest value for banks in Serbia was taken:
For the investment fund, the yield of Raiffeisen EURO CASH was taken as the largest fund by capital in Serbia:
Dividend yield of Serbian Build Fund without commissions on an annual basis.