What Is a Carbon-Neutral Building?

Green Leaves, Miniature Wooden House Model and White Tag With CO2 Neutral Marking on Brown Background, Eco House Concept, Environmentally Friendly Building, Zero Waste Lifestyle

The term “carbon-neutral building” has gained popularity in the construction sector for two main reasons. Governments and the general public are under pressure to combat climate change, which requires reducing carbon emissions. Carbon-neutral construction makes this possible. Even if the initial investment costs are slightly higher, building owners also benefit from green buildings. Carbon-neutral buildings, […]

5 Sustainable and Ecological Building Materials

Concept Depicting New Possibilities for the Development of Sustainable Construction Technologies and Green Living the Form of a House-Shaped Pond Located in a Lush Forest

We got used to using clay bricks, concrete, and wood in construction. These materials continue to be used in everyday construction. This entails the continued destruction of trees for timber and the mining of resources to produce cement for binding sand, gravel, and bricks. There are modern methods, sustainable and green substitutes, for building materials […]